Decree of Sarapiastai at Rhamnous

I Rhamnous 59 Date: ca. 220-210 BC (?)
Aphthonetos [son of Aphthonetos of Rhamnous proposed]:[1] Since Apollodoros [having been elected general?] has continued to be well-disposed [both individually and collectively] to the People at [every opportunity] (and (5) the People [crowned him when it accorded fitting recognition] to the elected [generals?]), on account of which the Council crowned him many times with gold crowns; and he continues also to be of service individually as regards what (10) any of the citizens may ask him; and now when the citizens stationed in Rhamnous wrote to him about a place which belonged to him, wishing to buy it for the construction of a sanctuary of Sarapis and (15) Isis, and he was unwilling to sell it, but donated it free of charge, placing the highest value on piety towards the gods and good-will and love of honour towards fellow citizens; so that the Sarapiastai may also be seen to (20) render thanks to those who display love of honour towards themselves, for good fortune, the society of Sarapiastai shall decide to praise and crown with a gold crown Apollodoros son of Sogenes of Otryne[2] (25) for his piety towards the gods and love of honour towards themselves; and the religious officials who are responsible for the liturgy shall invite him to the sacrifices; and to inscribe the decree on a stone stele and stand it in front of the (30) entrance to the temple; and to choose from among themselves six men who will arrange for the inscribing of the decree and the setting up of the stele; and they shall submit an account of the expenses arising to the society. The following were chosen: (35) Demokles of Eupyridai, Antiphanes of Oion, Kleodorides of Rhamnous, Bion of Phrearrhioi, Aphthonetos of Rhamnous, Philokles of Erchia.[3]
In crown The society of the Sarapiastai (crowned) (40) Apollodoros son of Sogenes of Otryne