Athenian soldiers serving at Rhamnous honour their general

I Rhamnous 10 Date: 252/1 BC
The citizen soldiers serving in Rhamnous decided. Theochares son of Chairias of Leukonoion proposed: since Thoukritos elected by the People as general in charge of the coastal countryside in the archonship of Kallimedes (252/1)[1] (5) has managed both the guarding of the fort and those serving as soldiers in Rhamnous well and justly according to the decrees of the People, and has continued to be of service collectively and individually to each in whatever way they ask him; and he provided (10) sufficient grain for the guard, purchasing it from his own resources; and he set up a meeting place (sunedrion) by the headquarters (stratēgion); and he constructed a gateway (pulōrion) and gates from his own resources,[2] demonstrating the good will which he continues to have for the People and for the serving (15) citizen soldiers, for good fortune, the serving citizen soldiers at Rhamnous shall decide: to praise Thoukritos son of Alkimachos of Myrrhinous and crown him with a gold crown according to the law for the excellence and good will which he continues to have for the People and for those serving in Rhamnous; and having painted (20) his portrait they shall set it up in the Nemesion; and they shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it before the gate; and they shall choose three men from the soldiers who will manage the setting up of the stele and the painting; and for the inscription (25) and the stele and the painting those chosen are to account to the soldiers for whatever expenditure accrues. The following were chosen: Theochares son of Chairias of Leukonoion, Demophilos son of Phanokrates of Rhamnous, Sonautes son of Teisis of Phaleron.[3]
In crown (30) Those of the Athenians serving as soldiers at Rhamnous (crown) Thoukritos son of Alkimachos of Myrrhinous.