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Athenian soldiers at Eleusis honour the secretary of the grain treasurers

I Eleus. 182 Date: 267/6 BC
Lysias son of Thesbion of Eleusis proposed: since Dion both from earlier times when secretary to the treasurers of the grain fund and to the board of administrators (tois epi tei dioikēsei) continues (5) to be of good will to the Athenians stationed at Eleusis and is of service both collectively and individually, making clear the good will which he has towards them, and now as secretary to the treasurer of the grain (10) fund for the year of the archonship of Menekles (267/6) he has made every effort concerning the giving of grain and of the voucher tokens (ekklēsiastikōn)[1] (?) given for the grain, for good fortune, the Athenians stationed (15) at Eleusis shall decide to praise Dion and to crown him with a foliage crown for his good will and love of honour (philotimias) towards them; and on showing love of honour (philotimēthenti) in the future he shall obtain (20) whatever good it is decided he deserves; . . . shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele . . . . . .