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Dedication by pre-ephebes (mellepheboi) (?)

IG II3 4 367 Date: ca. 120 BC
. . . Arches[tratos son of – of –] Archonides [son of Naukrates] of Kerameis Chairestratos son of Philagros of Kephisia Herakleitos son of Charikles of Kydathenaion (5) Herodes son of Asklepi(a)des of Halai Peitholaos son of Thrasymachos of Aixone Menodoros son of Antipatros of Laodikeia Satyros son of Philonides of Erchia Dieuches son of Charmantides of Myrrhinous (10) Philistides son of Diodoros of Kydathenaion Sotimos son of Basileides of Alopeke Aristokritos son of Xanthippos of Sounion Androkles son of Philistion of Ptelea Charikles son of Theogenes of Leukonoion (15) Demetrios son of Alexandros of Krioa -ikles son of Eukleides of Pallene -mogenes son of Demokles of Pithos Antiochos son of Prostates of Berytos Sosigenes son of Sosigenes of Hybadai.[1]
(20) And they have also crowned their teacher (didaskalon).[2]
In crown . . .