Dedication by ephebes of Pandionis, 333/2 BC

IG II3 4 334 Date: 333/2 BC
col. 1
. . .
col. 2
. . . - son of -des - son of -ides - son of -ophon - son of Lysias[1]
(5) The ephebes of PandionisIII [in the archonship of Nikokrates (333/2)] and their controller (sōphronistēs) dedicated (this), having crowned with a gold crown of a thousand drachmas for their excellence (aretēs) and care (epimeleias) for them, the general in charge of the countryside (epi tēi chōrai) Sophilos son of Aristoteles of PhyleVI, the general in charge of Piraeus Konon son of Timotheos of AnaphlystosX, (10) [superintendent (kosmētēn) - son of Mnesistratos] of AcharnaiVI, Mnesos son of Ariston of -, - son of - of PaianiaIII, Charias son of Arkeon of -, - son of -es of MyrrhinousIII, captain (lochagon) - son of - of PaianiaIII, captain Eukles son of - of -, captain Aischylos son of Pytheas of PaianiaIII, (15) captain - son of - of OaIII, captain Eteokles son of - of -, captain Phanostratos son of Phanias of -, captain - son of -gitos of PaianiaIII.[2]