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Honours for the prytany of Demetrias

IG II3 1 947 Date: Ca. 280 BC
. . .
col. 1
. . . Aristarchos son of Aris(-) Chaireas son of Chairestratos -nikos son of Sosi(-) -ilas son of Anti(-) (5) Alkimachos son of Alki(-)
col. 2
. . . Charopides son of Ergokritos Menekles son of Theophilos Aristophon son of Antigenes Ergophon son of Hierophon (10) Philitos son of Diokle(-) Polyeuktos son of Per(-)
Daidalidai Lykophron
Oion (15) Epilykos son of Glauk(-)
Hippotomadai -os son of Men(-)