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Honours for the prytany of Akamantis

IG II3 1 946 Date: Ca. 280 BC
. . . fragmentary line . . . Of the presiding committee [- son of -] of - was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The People decided. Himeraios son of Boon of Eitea proposed: concerning what (5) the prytany of AkamantisVII report about the sacrifices (tōn hierōn) which they made before the Assemblies to the gods to whom it is traditional, and they sacrificed the Stenia and the Chalkeia[1] according to tradition on behalf of the Council and People, for good fortune, the People shall decide: to accept the good things they say occurred in the sacrifices that they made (10) for the health and preservation of the Council and the People . . . . . .