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Citizenship decree for official visitors (theoroi) from Miletos

IG II3 1 1390 Date: Ca. 170
. . . . . . City Dionysia at the tragedies . . . [1] . . . for their good will (eunoias) and love of honour (philotimias) towards it; and praise the chief official visitor (architheōron), Herm[ophantos son of Lichas][2] and the official visitors (theōrous), -on son of Charidemos, - son of - , (5) Hieron son of Simas, - son of Iason, Ekphantos son of -, and crown each of them with a gold crown for their piety (eusebeias) towards the gods and their excellence (aretēs) and love of honour (philotimias) towards the People of the Athenians and their own fatherland, and announce the crowns in the city at the Dionysia, at the new competition of the tragedies, and at (10) Miletos, at the tragedies of the Dionysia; and they shall also be granted citizenship, and the court presidents (thesmothetas) shall bring forward the scrutiny, even if they are not present; and they shall be permitted to be enrolled in the tribe and deme and phratry that they wish; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree [on two stone stelai (15) and stand the one[3] at Athen?]s, [and the other at Miletos[4]] . . . . . .