Honours for the soldier Kalliphanes, messenger of the Roman victory at Pydna

IG II3 1 1334 Date: 169/8 BC
Gods. In the archonship of Eunikos (169/8), in the - prytany, of AttalisXII, for which Hieronymos son of Boethos of KephisiaI was secretary. (5) On the old and new day (henēi kai neai) of Skirophorion, the twenty-ninth of the prytany. Assembly in the Piraeus. Of the presiding committee was putting to the vote uninscribed[1] uninscribed (10) uninscribed The Council and the People decided: Satyros son of Satyros of Kolonos proposed: since Kalliphanes of Phyle, campaigning (strateuomenos) with the Romans and the brothers (15) of king Eumenes,[2] Attalos and Athenaios, and wanting to make himself useful to the fatherland, being present at the Romans' victory in Macedonia[3] and being keen for the honour (philotimoumenos) (20) of announcing himself to the citizens the successes (euēmerēmata) that had come to pass for the Romans and . . . . . . wanting . . . . . . coming to . . . (25) . . . . . . . . . men, for good fortune, the Council shall decide, that the presiding committee allotted for the forthcoming Assembly (30) shall put these matters on the agenda, and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good to the Council to praise Kalliphanes son of Kalliphanes of Phyle and crown him with a gold crown for (35) his good will and love of honour (philotimias) towards . . . . . . . . . and the prytany secretary shall inscribe (40) this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the agora by the statue . . . ; and the expense accrued for the making and the setting up of the stele the treasurer of the military fund (45) shall defray.
In crown The Council the People (crown) Kalliphanes son of Kalliphanes (50) of Phyle