On relations with Magnesia on the Maeander

IG II3 1 1170 Date: 208/7 BC
In the archonship of - (208/7), in the fifth prytany, of HippothontisXI. Archikles son of Charidemos of ErchiaIV was secretary. Decree of the Council. On the sixth of Pyanopsion, the seventh of the prytany. Council in the Council chamber. Of the presiding (5) committee Eubios son of Nikanor of Phaleron was putting to the vote, and his fellow presiding committee members. Agathokles son of Diophanes of Dekeleia proposed: since the Magnesians on the Maeander, being familiars (oikeioi) and friends of the Athenian People, having voted to fund a sacrifice and a competition for the prize of a crown, equal to the Pythian, musical and equestrian and gymnastic, (10) for the patron deity (archēgetidi) of their city, Artemis Leukophryene, have despatched official visitors (theōrous), Apollophanes son of Aischylos, Euboulos son of Anaxagoras, Lykomedes son of Charisios,[1] who, having come before the Council and the People, have renewed their pre-existing connections and friendship with the cities,[1] and having recounted (15) the epiphany of the goddess, have urged with all zeal (spoudēs) and love of honour (philotimias) that the competition for a crown, equal to the Pythian, which they have established for Artemis Lykophryene, be accepted, and to declare their city and territory sacred and inviolable, as the god in Delphi (20) has instructed (echrēsen); in order therefore that the People may be seen at every opportunity to be honouring the divine and fostering connections and friendship with the Magnesians, for good fortune, the Council shall decide, that the presiding committee allotted for the forthcoming Assembly shall put these matters on the agenda, and submit (25) the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good to the Council, that the People should accept both now and in time hereafter the truce (spondas) and the sacrifices and the competition which the Magnesians have established for Artemis Lykophryene, for the prize of a crown, equal to the Pythian, and that their city and territory shall be sacred (30) and inviolable (asulon)[2] according to the oracles (manteias) of the god; and to praise the Magnesian People and crown it with a foliage crown for its piety, and to praise also the official visitors who are present, Apollophanes, Euboulos, Lykomedes, and crown each of them with a foliage (35) crown for their piety towards the goddess and their love of honour towards their fatherland, and to invite them also to hospitality in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the sanctuary;[3] and the treasurer (40) and the board of administrators (tous epi tei dioikēsei) shall allocate the expenditure arising for the making and setting up the stele.