Dedication to Aphrodite by demesmen of Halai Aixonides

IG II3 4 223 Date: Ca. 360-350 BC
Those who were appointed by the Halaians to make the statue (agalma) for Aphrodite having been crowned by the demesmen dedicated to Aphrodite.[1]
(5) Astyphilos son of Philagros Nikomenes son of Hieron Euthemon son of Eupolis Chaireas son of Chairias Argeios son of Demochares (10) Aristomachos son of Astyanax [Di]otheides son of Sokrates[2] Astydamas son of Astyanax Euphiletos son of Hagnotheos Aischias son of Phileriphos[3] (15) Eukles son of Eukleides [Di]odoros son of Hagnotheos[4] -ippos son of Aischines Eupolis son of Euthemon Euktemon son of Euthemon (20) Philippos son of Athenippos Hieron son of Nautes Menyllos son of Astyphilos Theodotos son of Theaitetos Philagros son of Diokles (25) Theophilos son of Euthemon Menandros son of Hegesias Theoboulos son of Theodotos [Sok]rates son of D[i]otheides[2]
Praxias son of Lysimachos of Ankyle made this.