Statue base for Eunike

I Eleusis 659 Date: End-iii AD
Solemnisers of the Mysteries (mustipoloi) of Demeter, let some sacred monument of me stand beside the temple (anaktorōi)[1] of Deo. My name is Eunike[2]; glorious (kudēessa) Thaleia[3] bore me to my dear father, famous (agaklei) Kallaischros,[4] whose mother was (5) Eunike.[3] Her mother in turn was the modest (saophrōn) hierophantis who took her name (pherōnumos) from Isaios[3] from the East (Antoliēthen):[5] Isidote,[3] he whose glory (kudos) was to have been one of blameless Hadrian’s teachers of eloquence (rhētērōn).[5] My grandfather was Zoilos[6] . . . , who equalled his two brothers in intellect, (10) the one hierophant at the radiant shrine, Glaukos,[7] and then the leader (hēgētori) in philosophy (sophiēs) - he plucked (drepsato) that of Plato - renowned (periōnumōi) Kallaischros.[8] My family is not far removed from the senate, for close to me . . . follows the fame of my Ausonian cousins.[9]