Statue base for the hierophantis (Isidote)

I Eleusis 502 Date: 176-192 AD
For good fortune. Wheat-bearing (purophorou) Demeter’s eminent hierophantis,[1] who acquired much glory (kudos) for her piety (eusebiēi), (5) the first of her family in spacious Hellas and the Orient (Antoliēs), granddaughter of Isaios,[2] supreme in wisdom, who of the noble king (basilēos)[3] Hadrian conducted (eiche) the good teaching of the Muses,[4] (10) and daughter of Isaios,[2] himself illustrious too; excellent in virtue (aretais) and modesty (saophrosunais), whom Deo in turn led to the Islands of the Blest, free from any kind of pain; (15) and she gave her a death sweeter than sweet sleep,[5] far better even than that of the Argive youths.[6] She crowned Antoninus[7] together with Commodus,[8] kings,[3] (20) as initiates (mustipolous), while she led the ceremonies (teletōn). Her statue was set up by decree of the Council dear to Ares;[9] this image, most holy and new, was realised by her dear daughter Eunike[2] and her daughter’s sons,[2] (25) Kallaischros[10] and Glaukos,[11] sons of Zoilos (Zōilidai),[12] honouring with this image their mother’s godlike mother, whom Demeter granted to be with (ōpasen) the immortals (athanatois).[13]