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Statue base for the hearth-initiate Publia Aelia Herennia

I Eleus. 621 Date: End 2nd cent.-beginning 3rd cent. AD
For good fortune. For the two goddesses,[1] the hearth-initiate[2] Publia Aelia Herennia[3], daughter of Publius Aelius (5) Apollonios[4] who served as eponymous archon and served as king archon and served as general in charge of the hoplites and took care (10) of the gymnasiarchy and was herald of the Council of the Areopagos; her mother, Publia Aelia Herennia[5] dedicated her, the descendant of Konon[6] and Kallimachos,[7] next to her (15) great-uncle, Publius Aelius Dionysios, the dadouch.[8]