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Regulations concerning the Eleusinian Mysteries

AIUK 4.2 (BM, Decrees of Council and Assembly) no. 1 Date: Ca. 475-450 BC
Face A
[1] . . . . . . drachmas . . . . . . (5) . . . of the cities . . . decides, dedicate . . . if anyone of the . . . either whoever (?) . . . or . . . (10) . . . in order that (?) 6 lines traces (17) but if not, each 6 lines traces (24) . . . and . . . (25) . . . and not newer or younger (?) (neoter-) let him use the sanctuary; but if . . . let him not use it; and if . . . these things (are to apply) in the same way; and if . . . most according to his (?) power; . . . (30) and shall carry out the exaction; but if he does not turn in the debtor, let him not use the sanctuary; if they dispute (?) (amphisbetosi) that they have been summoned on the Acropolis (?) (em polei) . . . having come (fem. sing.) . . . injustice (?) (35) . . . later the Council . . . of the Athenians not . . . of these cities . . . unless he has lost a case in a local court or (40) been captured among the enemy; and any city that is not willing shall give and receive court cases with the Athenians according to the existing conventions (apo chsumbolon).[2]
Face B
Traces (5) for involuntary acts, a simple penalty, for voluntary acts a double penalty; and there shall be a truce for the initiates (mustesin)[3] (10) and for the epoptai,[3] and for the companions or servants (akolouthoisin) and property of the (15) foreigners (othneion) and for all Athenians; and the time of the truce is to begin (20) in the month Metageitnion, from the full moon (dichomenias), and to continue through Boedromion and (25) Pyanopsion until the tenth;[4] and the truce is to apply in the (30) cities that use the sanctuary and to the Athenians there in the (35) same cities; and for the Lesser (oleizosi) Mysteries[5] the truce is to be (40) in the month Gamelion from the full moon (dichomenias) and through Anthesterion and in (45) Elaphebolion until the tenth.[4]
Face C
Traces (5) . . . an obol from each [initiate (musto)]; and the - shall take half an obol [each] from each initiate; and the priestess of Demeter[6] (10) shall take at the Lesser Mysteries from each initiate an obol, and at the Greater Mysteries an obol from each initiate; [all the?] obols (15) shall belong to the two Goddesses except for one thousand six hundred drachmas; and from the one thousand six hundred drachmas the priestess shall pay the expenses just (20) as they have been paid until now;[7] and the Eumolpidai and the Kerykes[8] are to take from each initiate five obols from the men, three obols from the women; an initiate who has not paid shall not embark on (25) initiation, except for the hearth-initiate; and the Kerykes shall initiate the initiates -, each one, and the Eumolpidai in the same way; [but if?] . . . more (pleios), they shall be fined [a hundred?] (30) drachmas at their scrutiny; and those of the Kerykes and Eumolpidai who have reached adulthood (hebosi) may initiate; and the Athenians may - the sacred money (hiero argurio) . . . whatever they wish, just like (35) the money of Athena on the Acropolis; and the hieropoioi shall look after (tamieuesthai) the money [of the Two Goddesses?] on the Acropolis . . . . . . in the . . . (40) of the orphans . . . the orphan children and the initiates each . . . the initiates who are [initiated?] at Eleusis in the courtyard (aulei) within the (45) sanctuary, and those who are [initiated?] in the city in the Eleusinion. Added a little later: The altar-priest and the [-] of the two Goddesses and the priest who (ton ierea ton -) . . . are to take, each of these [an obol from?] (50) each initiate, [sacred to the two Goddesses?]
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