Honours for the prytany treasurer of Pandionis

Agora XV 264 Date: ca. 30 BC-20 BC?
[Since the] prytaneis [of the tribe of Pandionis and those with perpetual dining rights (aisitoi) in the] [archonship of . . . ] declare [to the Council that the treasurer,[1] whom they chose from] [among themselves], Oinophilos son of Syndromos of [Steiria,[2] has made all the] [proper sacrifices] for the prytaneis [on behalf of the Council and the People and has taken] (5)[care of everything else] well and with love of goodness (philagathōs), [and for this they call on the Council to allow] [them] to carry out [the dedication of a painted image] of him [on a gilt shield] [in the] Council chamber, [for good fortune, the Council shall decide, so that it may be clear] [that the prytaneis] honour all [good men, to praise Oinophilos of Steiria] [and to crown] him with a foliage crown, [with which it is traditional to crown] (10)[good] men, and also to allow [the prytaneis and those with perpetual dining rights] [to carry out the dedication] of an image (eikonos) of him [in the Council chamber, bearing] this inscription: "The prytaneis [of Pandionis and those with perpetual dining rights in the] archonship of . . . [dedicated (this image of)] their own [treasurer, Oinophilos son of Syndromos of Steiria], on account of his [piety (eusebeias)] and love of honour (philotimias) [towards themselves and the Council]" (15)and [the secretary of the prytany shall inscribe] this decree [on a stone stele] [and] dedicate it in the [Council chamber so that, when these things are completed], [it may be apparent that the] Council honours those who . . .
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Steiria [Oinophilos] (20) . . . -s [Kallis?]tratos -s -les (25)-ios -os -es -ikos -ates (30) . . . ca. 1 line missing
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uninscribed space Dio- A- . . . (35)S- . . .
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