Honours for a prytany treasurer?

Agora XV 263 Date: 1st century BC?
[and also] has taken care [in the prytany of all the other things which] were proper [well and with love of honour (philotimōs), so that the Council may also] be seen to honour [those who . . . ] privately towards . . . [for Good fortune], the Council [shall resolve] (5) to praise [the treasurer of the prytaneis of?] [Leon]tis or [Akaman]tis or [Hippothon]tis or [Aian]tis, Agathon son of Epikles of - [and to crown him] with a foliage crown, with which [it is it is traditional to crown good] men, and he shall find [also whatever other good he is worthy of from?] the Council for his [enthusiasm] towards the [Councillors?, so that, these things] (10)being done, the Council . . . [regarding] those who devote themselves . . . and to [inscribe] this decree [on a stone stele and stand it wherever] is most [conspicuous], except [where the laws forbid]. uninscribed space . . . [1]