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Rhamnous honours its demarch (?)

AIO 844 Date: 263/2 BC
Kleochares son of Teisonides of Rhamnous proposed: since Kleochares son of Kleodorides, [chosen as demarch (?) by the] demesmen in the archonship of Antipatros (263/2),[1] both managed that the shares of produce (karpōn) were . . . (5) . . . , and showed [worthily his own good will (?)], and delivered to [... who was?] stationed in Piraeus[2] . . . of the demesmen whom (hon) Kineas took; and he sacrificed honey cakes (pelanous) to all the gods and the heroes[3] . . . so that (10) the relations of the Rhamnousians to the gods might be on a good and pious footing, for good fortune, the Rhamnousians shall decide: to praise Kleochares son of Kleodorides of Rhamnous for his [justice] [and good will] and to crown him with a foliage crown; and (they) shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and (15) stand it [wherever they decide]; and they shall choose now three men from their own number for the making and setting up of the stele. [The following were chosen: . . . ] . . .