Decree of the Marathonian Tetrapolis

AIO 375 Date: ca. 214/3 - 171/0 BC
. . . [1] . . . . . . . . . if I adhere to the oath, let all be well for me, but if I break the oath, (5) the opposite; and none of them shall be permitted to divert this money to any other purpose or to [misappropriate it or to spend?] any that is left over, but [all shall remain untouched?; but] if not, the proposer and he who puts the question [and he who puts the matter to the vote] shall owe a hundred drachmas sacred to [... the gods?] who (10) protect the Tetrapolis; [and the - of the] Tetrapolis and those about to enter office as -, shall swear that they will not themselves undo what has been stipulated by any means, nor permit anyone else to undo it in any way, so that, these things remaining valid and carried into effect, others may also show love of honour (philotimōntai) (15) in displaying their [good-will] towards the association (koinon) of the Tetrapolis, knowing that they will obtain thanks worthy of their benefactions; and the . . . of the Tetrapolis shall take care . . . . . . and of the auditor (?) (euthun-) . . . spend what is neeeded and reckon it to the account of or contribute (?) (anapherei?) . . . ; (20) and to inscribe this decree on two stelai and stand one in Marathon . . . of Dionysos, and the other in the [city on the acropolis? (astei en akropolei?)].