Honours for the prytany of Leontis

IG II3 1 1400 Date: Ca. 170 BC
. . . . . . since the prytany of LeontisIV and those who enjoy permanent dining rights, having praised and crowned the treasurer, whom they chose from among themselves, - of Kettos, report to the Council that he has made all the proper sacrifices in the prytany (5) on behalf of the Council and the People, and has also taken care of everything else well and with love of honour (philotimōs), for good fortune, the Council shall decide, to praise the treasurer, - son of Alexandros of Kettos and crown him with a foliage crown, and also to praise the secretary, Ariston son of Ari- of Leukonoion, and the priest of the eponymous, Dionysios of Eupyridai (10) and the secretary of the Council and the People, Demetrios of Apollonia and the under-secretary, - of Azenia, and the herald of the Council and the People, - of -, and the pipe-player, Kallikrates of Thorikos and the treasurer of the Council, - of Piraeus, and to crown each of them with a foliage crown; and the prytany secretary shall (15) inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the prytanikon; and for the inscribing and the setting up of the stele the treasurer shall allocate the expense accrued.
col. 1
Kettos [-s] (20) - Leukonoion Ariston -machos -doros (25) Philiskos Perigenes Skambonidai Alexandros Eupyridai (30) -lokles Timotheos -at-es Hybadai Eupator
col. 2
(35) Aithalidai Kerrimos Hikesios Soterios Ariston (40) Sokratinos Phrearrhioi Demon Amyntas Meixon (45) Paionidai Kleandros Euethides Pr-os Timokrates
col. 3
(50) Timodemos Amyntas Philistion Heniochos Kratistoleos (55) Philonides Cholleidai Tharrynon Antiphanes Menestratos (60) Timokles Antiphon[1] Aristokrates Eumelos[1] [[-s]][1]
col. 4
(65)[[-]][1] Pelekes Sostratos Sostron Halimous (70) Menekles Theophanes Kropidai Antipatros Xenarchos (75) Oion Philistion Philon Ktesikles Philoxenos (80) Deiradiotai Dioskourides.