Citizenship for Strombichos

IG II3 1 918 Date: 266/5 BC
In the archonship of Nikias of Otryne (266/5), in the sixth prytany, of -, for which Isokrates son of Isokrates of AlopekeXII was secretary. On the eleventh of Posideon, the twelfth of the prytany. Principal Assembly. Of the presiding committee Sosistratos (5) son of Sosippos of Kydathenaion was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council and People decided. Phytios son of Pamphilos of Thorikos proposed: since Strombichos, who formerly served on campaign (strateuomenos) with Demetrios, when he had been left behind in the town with Spintharos, and the People had taken up arms for freedom (10) and appealed that he place his soldiers in the service of the city, he put himself at the service of the People for their freedom and placed his armory (hopla) on the side of the city, thinking that he should not stand in the way of what was in the interests of the city but share responsibility for its preservation, and he joined the People in the siege of the (15) Mouseion, and after affairs had been concluded in favour of the city he has continued to provide unstintingly (aprophasistōs) its remaining needs and has remained steadfast in his good will for the People, and when war came he was a good man . . . and he has striven (agōnizomenos) to serve in every way according to what the general (20) ordered and for the rest [of time he proclaims that he will render service to the Athenian People] . . . . . . [1]