Honours for an Athenian ambassador to Kassandros

IG II3 1 844 Date: 299/8 BC
In the archonship of Euktemon (299/8), in the second prytany, of AntigonisI, for which Theophilos son of Xenophon of KephaleVII was secretary. (5) On the twenty-first (dekatei husterai) of Metageitnion, the twenty-first of the prytany. Assembly. Of the presiding committee Lysimachos son of Nausistratos of Prospalta was putting to the vote and (10) his fellow presiding committee members. The People decided. Philippides son of Philomelos of Paiania proposed: since the ambassadors despatched to king Kassandros declare (apophainousi) (15) that Poseidippos who accompanied them on their mission (sunapodēmēsanta meth' heautōn) was useful to them in that he demonstrated the good will which he had for the Athenian People, the People shall (20) decide: to praise Poseidippos son of Bakchios of Kothokidai and crown him with a foliage crown, so that as many as possible may show love of honour (philotimōntai) in providing service (25) in the interests of the People; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis; and for (30) inscribing the stele the inspector (exetastēn) and the trittys commanders (trittuarchous) shall give 20 drachmas.[1]