Honours for Euphron of Sikyon

IG II3 1 378 Date: 323/2 BC
Gods. Relief
Decree 1[1] In the archonship of Kephisodoros (323/2), in the fifth prytany, of PandionisIII, for which Archias son of Pythodoros of Alopeke was secretary. On the sixteenth of Posideon, (5) the twenty-second of the prytany. Principal Assembly. Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Epameinon [of Erchia?] was putting to the vote. The People decided. Euphiletos son of Euphiletos of - proposed: since Euphron son of Adeas of Sikyon[2] continues to be a good man concerning the Athenian People, and now having come from (10) the Sikyonian People, reports that his city, being friendly and allied, . . . the Athenian People first of the cities in the Peloponnese,[3] the People shall decide: to praise Euphron son of Adeas of Sikyon for his excellence and good will (15) towards the Athenian People and the other allies, and the grants previously made by the Athenian People shall be valid for him; and so that everyone may know that the Athenian People renders thanks to its benefactors worthy of the benefactions (20) which each of them has made to the People, he shall be an Athenian, himself and his descendants, and shall be permitted to be enrolled in the tribe and deme and phratry that he wishes, and which the laws stipulate; and to praise the Sikyonian People for its excellence and good will towards the (25) Athenian People, and crown it with a gold crown of 1,000 drachmas; and to announce it at the competition of the Great [Dionysia]; and to inscribe the decree on stone stelai and stand one on the acropolis, and the other in the agora by the . . . ; and for (30) inscribing the stelai the treasurer of the People shall give 50 drachmas from the People’s fund for expenditure on decrees.
Decree 2 The following by Pamphilos son of Euphiletos: [the prytany (prutaneis)] of PandionisIII shall put the vote to the People about the citizenship at the next Assembly, according to the (35) law.[4]
Decree of 318/7 follows.