Honours for a courtier of Philip II

IG II3 1 322 Date: 337/6 BC
Gods. In the archonship of Phrynichos (337/6), in the tenth prytany, of PandionisIII, for which Chairestratos son of Ameinias of Acharnai (5) was secretary. Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Antiphanes of Euonymon was putting to the vote[1]. Demades son of Demeas of Paiania[2] proposed: for the good fortune of the Athenian People, the People shall decide: since (10) -os son of Andromenes of - is well disposed towards the Athenian People [and now?] takes care of Athenians visiting Philip, doing what good is in his power for the Athenians (15) with Philip, he shall be proxenos and benefactor of the Athenian People, himself and his descendants, and the Council shall take care of him, and the generals, whatever may be needed; (20) and the prytany secretary (grammatea ton kata prutaneian) shall inscribe the proxeny on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis; and for inscribing the stele let the treasurer give thirty (25) drachmas, according to the law.