Honours for Peisitheides of Delos

IG II3 1 452 Date: Ca. 334 BC
. . . of the Athenians . . . [of the?] grants . . . the . . . People . . . (5) and those [with?] . . . . . . of these with (?) . . . towards the People . . . his good will . . . and is a good [man] concerning the Athenians . . . [at every] (10) opportunity does . . . with the Athenian People; so that everyone may know that the Athenian People renders fulsome thanks to those who are its benefactors (15) and maintain the good will of or their good will towards the People, Peisitheides son of Peisitheides of Delos[1] shall be an Athenian, himself and his descendants, except for the one who has been sent by the enemies of the (20) city and of Peisitheides to eliminate him; and he shall be registered in the deme and tribe and phratry that he wishes, of those which the laws stipulate; and the prytany (prutaneis) shall put the vote about him (25) to the People at the next Assembly; and the prytany secretary (togrammatea ton kata prutaneian) shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis; and for inscribing (30) the stele let the treasurer of the People give thirty drachmas; and if anyone kills Peisitheides, he shall be an enemy of the Athenian People, and any city that receives the killer; (35) and so that Peisitheides may not want sustenance (trophēs), until he returns to Delos, the treasurer of the People in office at any time shall give Peisitheides a drachma a day from the (40) People’s fund for expenditure on decrees; and in the lawmakers (nomothetais) the presiding committee (proedrous) in office and the chairman shall propose an amendment to the law (prosnomothetēsai) for the budgetary officials (apodektas) to allocate this money (45) to the treasurer of the People each year; and the treasurer shall pay it to Peisitheides each prytany; and if the presiding committee (proedroi) and the (50) chairman of the lawmakers (nomothetōn) fail to put this matter to the vote, each of them shall owe 1,000 drachmas, sacred (hieras) to Athena.
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In crown The People.