Honours for Spartokos and Pairisades, rulers of the Cimmerian Bosporos, and their brother, Apollonios

IG II3 1 298 Date: 347/6 BC
Relief[1] For Spartokos, Pairisades, Apollonios, children of Leukon.[2] Painting
Decree 1 In the archonship of Themistokles (347/6), in the eighth prytany, of AigeisII, (5) for which Lysimachos son of Sosidemos of Acharnai was secretary. Theophilos of Halimous[3] was chairman. Androtion son of Andron of Gargettos[4] proposed: concerning what Spartokos and Pairisades have written in their letter (10) and what the envoys who have come from them report, to reply to them that the Athenian People praises Spartokos and Pairisades because they are good men and undertake for the Athenian People to look after (15) the export of grain, as their father did, and to perform enthusiastically whatever service the People may require; and the envoys shall report to them that if they do these things there is nothing that they will fail to obtain from (20) the Athenian People; and since they make the same grants to the Athenians as Satyros and Leukon made,[5] the grants which the People made to Satyros and Leukon[6] shall apply to Spartokos and Pairisades; and to crown each of them with a gold crown (25) at every Great Panathenaia, of a thousand drachmas; and the Games-masters (athlothetas) shall have the crowns made in the year before the Great Panathenaia, in accordance with the decree of the People voted previously for Leukon; and to announce (30) that the Athenian People crowns Spartokos and Pairisades, the children of Leukon, for their excellence and good will towards the Athenian People; and since they are dedicating the crowns to Athena Polias, (35) the Games-masters (athlothetas) shall dedicate the crowns in the temple, having inscribed on them: “Spartokos and Pairisades, children of Leukon, dedicated to Athena having been crowned by the Athenian People”; and the treasurer of the People (40) shall give to the Games-masters (athlothetais) the money for the crowns from the fund allocated to the People for expenditure on decrees; but for now it shall be for the receivers (apodektas) to hand over the money for the crowns from the military fund; and (45) the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it near the one for Satyros and Leukon;[7] and the treasurer of the People shall give thirty drachmas for inscribing it; and to praise the envoys, (50) Sosis and Theodosios, because they take care of those who visit the Bosporos from Athens; and invite them to hospitality in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow; and concerning the money which is owed to the children of Leukon, in order that (55) they may recover it, the presiding committee (proedros) allotted to preside in the People on the eighteenth[8] shall put the matter on the agenda first after the religious business or after the sacrifices (meta ta hiera),[9] so that they may recover the money and not have grounds for complaint against the Athenian People; and to give the ships' officers (hupēresias) (60) that Spartokos and Pairisades ask for; and the envoys shall give a list of the names of the officers whom they are going to take to the secretary of the Council; and it shall be the duty of those listed to do all in their power (65) for the children of Leukon.
Decree 2 Polyeuktos (66) son of Timokrates of Krioa[10] proposed: in other respects as Androtion proposed, but crown[11] Apollonios the son of Leukon from the same fund.