Decree for Klazomenai, 387/6 BC

AIO 800 Date: 387/6 BC
Theodotos was archon (387/6). Paramythos son of Philagros of Erchia was secretary. The People decided. Theodotos was archon. KekropisVII was in prytany. Paramythos was secretary. Daiphron was chairman. Poliagros proposed: to praise the People of Klazomenai (5) because they are enthusiastic (prothumos) towards the city of Athens both now and in time past.[2] Concerning what they say, the People shall decide that, if the Klazomenians pay (hupotelontas) the five percent tax of the time of Thrasyboulos,[3] then as regards a treaty (spondōg) or no treaty (aspondōn) with those at Chyton, and the hostages whom the Klazomenians have (10) from those at Chyton, the People of Klazomenai shall have the authority to decide (kurion), and it shall not be permitted for any of the generals either to reinstate (katagein) the exiles without the consent of the People of Klazomenai or to expel (exelaunen) any of those who remain;[4] and concerning a governor (archontos) and a garrison the People shall vote immediately (15) whether they ought to install them in Klazomenai (eg Klazomenais) or whether the People of Klazomenai should independently determine (autokratora) these matters, as to whether they wish to receive them, or not;[5] and as regards the cities from which the Klazomenians import grain, [Phokaia? and Chios? and] Smyrna, it shall be within the treaty (enspondon) for them [to sail into?] (20) [their harbours?];[6] and the generals . . . shall take care that there is a truce or treaty (spondai) . . . . . . the same as for the Athenians.[7] . . . . . . them not paying taxes (telē ouch hupotelountas) . . . . . . nor [receiving] a governor (archonta) . . . (25) . . . the Athenians;[8] and concerning . . . . . . the king shall be[9] . . . . . . decree (?) . . . . . .