Inscription regulating use of water from the Halykos spring (Lamptrai)

IG I3 256 Date: ca. 440-400 BC
1 line erased . . . and shall sacrifice to the Nymphs in accordance with the oracle (manteian) from Delphi (em Puthōthen); and those who drink (5) from the Halykos shall pay (telen) an obol each year for the rites (hiera) to the Nymphs; and whoever does not deposit (katathēi) an obol shall not drink from the Halykos; and if anyone forcibly drinks, let him pay a fine (10)of five drachmas; and if anyone fetches or carries any of the water, without paying an obol, let him owe 50 drachmas for each amphora, sacred to the Nymphs.[1]