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Decree of a thiasos of Bendis on Salamis (249/8 BC)

IG II2 1317b Date: 249/8 BC
Gods. In the archonship of Hieron (249/8)[1] and the priesthood of Charinos,[6] on the second of the month Skirophorion, at the regular assembly. The society decided. Rhythmos[3] proposed: since the managers (epimelētai) who were appointed managed (5) the sacrifices and everything else concerning the sanctuary of Bendis, the society of the thiasotai shall decide to praise them and crown each of them; and the treasurer shall assign 15 drachmas. On receiving this let the managers make a dedication in (eis) the sanctuary of Bendis.
Row 1 In crown: (10) The thiasotai (crown) Charinos priest[6]
In crown: The thiasotai (crown) Menon manager
In crown: The thiasotai (crown) Nikias[4] manager
Row 2 In crown: The thiasotai (crown) Nikarchos manager
In crown: The thiasotai (crown) Charinos[6] treasurer
In crown: The thiasotai (crown) Stratokles[5] secretary.