Decree of Halai Aixonides honouring the deme treasurers, 338/7 BC

SEG 59.142 Date: 338/7 BC
Gods. Anaschetos proposed: since the treasurers of the archonship of Chairondas (338/7) managed the treasury (etamieusan) well and justly for the demesmen, (5) and made the sacrifices to all the gods and heroes, and took care of everything else which the demesmen required of them, and having achieved a surplus (peripoēsantes) from the revenue, have deposited (katabeblēkasin) [with the] (10)[demesmen] 388 dr.; the demesmen shall resolve to praise them for their justice and excellence towards the demesmen, and crown them with a foliage crown, Kephiso- (15) son of - , [Phyt?]ios son of Polyeuches, A- . . . and to announce the crown . . . . . . [1]