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Honours for ephebes and officials

IG II3 1 1063 Date: Ca. 235 BC
. . . The ephebes who served in the archonship of . . .
col. 1
[[Demetrias]][1] Kallias son of Konon of Phyle
ErechtheisIII (5) Antidoros son of Eumelos of Euonymon Alketes son of Dionysios of Kephisia
AigeisIV Diokles son of Dromeas of Erchia Euthippos son of Philippos of Ionidai (10) Euthykrates son of Euthymachos [of Halai]
PandionisV Leodamas son of Aristomachos [of Myrrhinous] Diophanes son of Diokles [of Prasiai] Kallippos son of Dorotheos of -
(15) LeontisVI Apollophanes son of Apollophanes [of Kettos] -des son of Euangelos of -
AkamantisVII . . . . . .
col. 2