Honours for a prytany treasurer

SEG 28.160 Date: ca. 30 BC
-os son of Manios[1] uninscribed space Eudaimokrates son of Menophilos of Plothea Pipe-player Diodoros son of Demetrios of Alopeke traces (5)Secretary of the prytany Par- … Copy secretary (antigrapheus) Kleomachos son of Aulos of Phlya Undersecretary Patron of Sphettos Philemon being the public servant (leitourgountos) in charge of the Sunshade[2] uninscribed space
col. 1
The prytaneis (crown) in crown (10)the hoplite general, Antipatros (son of Antipatros) of Phlya.[3] (15)[The] prytaneis (crown) traces of a crown
col. 2
The prytaneis (crown) in crown the herald of the Council and the (20)People, Kallikratides of Trikorynthos.[4] The prytaneis (crown) in crown [the] treasurer (25) of themselves, -os son of Xe-