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Payments from the treasury of Athena, 411/0 BC

IG I3 373 Date: 411/0 BC
The Athenians expended in the archonship of [Mnasil]ochos (first two months of 411/0)[1] One line uninscribed The treasurers of the sacred monies (5) of Athena, Asopodoros of Kydathenaion and his colleagues, for whom Euandros son of Erithalion of Euonymon (10) was secretary, handed over to the Greek treasurers (hellenotamiais) Antisthenes of Hermos and his colleagues, the Council (15) having voted, on the twenty-second (enatei phthinontos) of Hekatombaion, from the monies of Athena Polias, 27 tal. (20) 2,074 dr. 4 ob.; of Athena Nike from . . . 640 dr. . . .