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Decree enforcing use of Athenian coins, weights and measures

OR 155 Date: Ca. 414 BC?
Numbers refer not to lines but to clauses in the composite text[1] . . . [2] (1) . . . the . . . [in the?] cities, or officials (?) (arch-) . . . ; (2) and the hellenotamiai . . . [officials?] shall write up . . . ; and if anyone [disputes?] . . . of any of the cities . . . the hellenotamiai . . . shall bring them before the Appeal court (eliaian) [according to the law?]; and the court presidents (thesmothetai) shall . . . each; (3) and if any of the other officials in the cities does not act in accordance with what has been decreed, whether citizens or foreigners, let him lose his civic rights and let his property be confiscated and a tithe given to the goddess; (4) and if there are no Athenian officials . . . the officials of each city [are to carry out the provisions] in the decree; and if they do not act in accordance with what has been decreed . . . they shall be . . . concerning loss of civic rights (?) . . . ; (5) and in the mint, the silver . . . not less than half, and . . . the cities act . . . drachmas per mina . . . exchange, or be liable [according to the law?]; (6) and whatever silver is left over . . . shall be - either to the generals or . . . whenever it is handed over . . . to Athena and Hephaistos . . . and if anyone makes or puts to the vote a proposal about these things . . . to use or lend for some other purpose, let him immediately be hauled off to the Eleven; and the Eleven are to punish him with death; and if he disputes the charge let them bring him to the court (dikastērion); (7) and the People shall choose heralds to be sent to announce what has been decreed, one to the Islands, [one to Ionia], one to the Hellespont, one to the Thraceward region; and [the generals?] are to dispatch [them after they have specified the itinerary (poreian) for each?]; and if they do not, they are to be fined 10,000 dr. at their accounting; (8) and the officials in the cities shall write up this decree, one in each city; and they are to place it on a stone stele in the agora at the expense of each city, and the overseers (epistatas) in front of the mint; and the alliance is to carry this out if they themselves are not willing; (9) and the herald who goes to them is to ask them to do all that the Athenians order (keleuosin); (10) and the secretary of the Council [and People?] is to add the following to the oath of the Council: if anyone strikes silver coinage in the cities and does not use the coins of the Athenians or their weights or measures, but foreign coins and weights and measures . . . ; (11) . . . the former decree which Klearchos proposed . . . the foreign silver . . . whenever he wishes; and the city . . . each his own . . . the mint; (12) and the overseers (epistatai) . . . having written up . . . are to deposit . . . in front of the mint for anyone who wishes to scrutinise (skopen tōi bolomenōi);[3] [and they shall write up the total of] foreign [silver] separately (?) . . . silver . . .