Dedication commemorating victories in Panhellenic festivals

IG II3 4 613 Date: ca. 170 AD
In agonistic crowns[1] Crown 1 The Eleutheria in Plataia[2]
Crown 2 The Herakleia in Thebes[3]
Crown 3 (5) The Panhellenia in Athens[4]
Crown 4 The Nemeia in Argos
Crown 5 The Eleutheria (10) in Plataia[2]
Crown 6 The Olympeia in Athens[5]
Crown 7 The Hadrianeia- Olympia (15) in Smyrna[6]
Crown 8 The Olympia in Ephesos[7]
Crown 9 The Olympia in Smyrna[6]
Crown 10 (20) The Barbilleia in Ephesos[8]
Crown 11 On shield and at the Shield(-Games) of Argos[9]