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Dedication by ephebes, 36/7 AD

IG II3 4 389 Date: 36/7 AD
Those who were ephebes in the year that King Rhoimetalkas the younger[1] was archon (36/7 AD) (dedicated this) to Hermes, in the trainership (paidotribount┼Źn) of Thebagenes and (5) Theodoros sons of Irenaios of Hermos, in the assistant-trainership (hupopaidotribountos) of Demosthenes son of Myron of Kydathenaion: Aulos son of Bassos of Pallene (10) Leontiskos son of Dionysios of Sounion Bassos (son of Bassos) of Pallene Lenaios (son of Lenaios) of Gargettos Athenais (son of Athenais) of Oion Philemon (son of Philemon) of Myrrhinoutta (15) Chabreas son of Timokrates of Piraeus Aristoteles son of Timokrates Eumedes son of Demetrios Naukydes son of Isidotos Aphrodisios son of Philemon (20) Kallixenos son of Dionysios Epiktetos son of Isidoros Dionysios son of Me- Demetrios son of Di-[2] . . . traces . . .