Posthumous honours for Zeno of Kition

IG II3 1 980 Date: 262/1 BC
In the archonship of Arrheneides (262/1), in the fifth prytany, of AkamantisVII.[1] On the twenty-first (dekatēi husterai) of Maimakterion, the twenty-third of the prytany. Principal Assembly. Of the presiding committee Hippon son of Kratistoleos of Xypete was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. (5) Thrason son of Thrason of Anakaia[2] proposed: since Zenon son of Mnaseas of Kition[3] in his many years spent in the city in philosophy continued in all other respects to be a good man, and encouraging the young men who entered his school (sustasin) to excellence (aretēn) and moderation (sōphrosunēn) he urged them on to the best (beltista), (10) setting out by his own life an example to all in its adherence to the precepts (logois) that he taught (dielegeto), for good fortune, the People shall decide: to praise Zenon son of Mnaseas of Kition and to crown him with a gold crown according to the law for his excellence and moderation, and to build for him a tomb in the Kerameikos at public expense; and the People shall elect (15) five men from the Athenians to manage the making of the crown and the building of the tomb; and the secretary of the People shall inscribe (eggrapsai) the decree on two stelai, and it shall be permitted to place one in the Academy and the other in the Lyceum;[4] and the administrator (ton epi tēs dioikēseōs)[5] shall allocate the expenditure accrued (20) for the stelai in order that all may know that the Athenian People honours good men, both living and dead. For the building (of the tomb) were elected Thrason of Anakaia, Philokles of Piraeus, Phaidros of Anaphlystos, Menon of Acharnai,[6] Smikythos of Sypalettos, Dion of Paiania.