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Citizenship for a poet

IG II3 1 856 Date: Ca. 295/4 BC
. . . and the prytany shall put the vote about him at the next Assembly; and the court presidents (thesmothetas) shall bring the scrutiny (dokimasian) for him before the court according to the law; and the inspector (exetastēn) (5) and the trittys leaders (trittuarchous) shall stand a bronze statue of him in the theatre of Dionysos and shall allocate the expenditure for this; and three men shall be chosen from all the Athenians who will manage the making of the statue and its setting up so that it might be as good (10) as possible;[1] and this decree shall be inscribed on two stone stelai and one shall be placed in the Dionysion,[2] the other on the acropolis; and for inscribing the stelai the administratror (ton epi tēi dioikēsei) shall give 30 (scil. drachmas) for each from the People’s fund (15) for expenditure on decrees. The following were elected: . . .