Treaty with Eretria

IG II3 1 412 Date: 341? BC
Fragment a
[1] . . . . . . according to . . . allies were assessed (sunetaxanto) . . . and [of the Eretrians the] five hundred [cavalry and the Council and] all [the other] officials shall swear (5) to the alliance; [the oath for the Eretrians shall be as follows]: I shall abide by the alliance [and the -] with the Athenian People [and the allies justly and] without deception; and if anyone [should invade Athenian territory (chōran)], or the allies [of the Athenians, or would overthrow the] (10) Athenian People, I shall help [with all the strength] in my power; and both sides shall swear [the customary oath]; and . . . the Council and all the officials . . . . . . [shall swear the oath; and the People shall elect] five envoys [from all the Athenians] (15) immediately, who [will administer the oath] to the Eretrians; and the secretary . . . shall inscribe this decree and stand it . . .
Fragment b
col. 1
[Of the Athenians, the following swore]: [names]
col. 2
Of the Eretrians the following swore: Generals: (20) -es of Choirē Alkias of Chy[troi?] Hipposthenes of Minthountos Xenotimos of - Klearchos of A- (25) Phileas of Zar-. Hipparch: A-mos of -, and the cavalry. Taxiarchs: Eparegon of Amarynthos (30) Demarchos of E[g?]nē Erasippos of - Demokrates of Euph- S- of Styra. The Council.