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Honours for Rheboulas, son of the king of the Odrysai, Seuthes

IG II3 1 351 Date: 331/0 BC
Relief Rheboulas son of Seuthes, brother of Kotys, of Angele.[1] Gods. In the archonship of Aristophanes (331/0), in the tenth prytany, of KekropisVII. (5) On the tenth of Skirophorion, the [six]teenth of the prytany. Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Dorotheos of Halai was putting to the vote. The Council and the People decided. Nothippos son of Lysias (10) of Diomeia proposed: concerning what the People [instructed the Council?] [in the tenth?] prytany . . . . . . presid- . . . . . .