Proxeny for Drakontides and Hegesias of Andros

IG II3 1 317 Date: 338/7 BC
Fragment a
Of Drakontides, Hegesias, Andrians[1]. In the archonship of Chairondas (338/7), in the tenth prytany, of PandionisIII, (5) for which Philippos son of Antiphemos of Eiresidai was secretary . . .
Fragments bc
. . . to praise them and crown each of them with a foliage crown for their manly virtue (andragathias) (10) and good will towards the Athenian People; and they shall be proxenoi and benefactors of the Athenian People, both themselves and their descendants, Drakontides (15) son of Amphoteros and Hegesias son of Stes-, and they shall have, if they need it, access to the Council and the Athenian People first after the sacred business (hiera); (20) and the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree on the acropolis on a stone stele; and for inscribing the stele the treasurer shall give 20 (25) drachmas from the People’s fund for expenditure on decrees; and to invite them to hospitality in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow.
col. 1
[In crown The Council].
col. 2
In crown The People.