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Honours for the prytany of Leontis

IG II3 1 1324 Date: 174/3 BC
In the archonship of Alexandros (174/3), in the fourth prytany, of Leontis, for which Autokrates son of Autokrates of Pithos was secretary. On the penultimate day (deuterai met' eikadas). Assembly in the theatre. Of the presiding committee Timon son of Kratios (5) of Alopeke was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The People decided. Sokrates son of Sokrates of Angele proposed: concerning what the prytany of Leontis reports about the sacrifices which it made before the Assemblies to Apollo Prostaterios and to Artemis Boulaia and (10) Phosphoros and to the other gods for whom it is customary, for good fortune, the People shall decide to welcome the good results that have occurred in the sacrifices which they made for the health and preservation of the Council and People and the allies; and since the prytany has made all the sacrifices (15) which are proper in the prytany . . . . . .