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Honours for a merchant

IG II3 1 1315 Date: Shortly after 176/5
Gods. Kallimachos son of Kallimachos of Paiania proposed: since . . . making his business (ergasiai) on the sea and wishing, so far as possible, to increase the revenues of the People, in the year of the archonship of - (5) sailed to the Piraeus and sold grain [to the city for a good price], and in the year of the archonship of Hippakos (176/5), having bought up (sunēgorakōs) in . . . one thousand five hundred measures [of olive oil], with a view to [transporting it?] to the Black Sea (Ponton), and from there to take in a return cargo . . . to the Piraeus, stopping in the cities and seeing that there was a great (10) shortage of olive oil because of crop failure (aphorian) in the country, and wishing in every way and as much as he was able to display his good will towards the People, he hurriedly imported the olive oil he had bought . . . . . . and after he had transported it from the market (emporiou) . . . . . . him and asked him to give up [the oil] . . . (15) for a [lesser?] price than the one paid by him . . . . . . he dared . . . them[1] . . . . . . . . .