Honours for the prytany of Aiantis

IG II3 1 1268 Date: 190/89 BC
Decree 1: not preserved
Decree 2 In the archonship of Achaios (190/89), in the - prytany, of Aiantis, for which Herakleon son of Nannakos of EupyridaiIV was secretary. Decrees of the Council. On the fifth of Maimakterion, the - of the prytany. Council in the Council chamber. Of the presiding committee Theoxe- son of - of Acharnai was putting to the vote and his fellow (5) presiding committee members. The Council decided. Prokles son of Prokles of Thymaitadai proposed: since the prytany of Aiantis and those who have permanent dining rights praised and crowned - son of - of Phaleron, the treasurer whom they chose from among themselves, and have declared to the Council that he has made all the sacrifices which are proper in the prytany and has also taken care (10) of everything else well and with love of honour (philotimōs), for good fortune, the Council shall decide to praise the treasurer, - son of - of Phaleron, and to crown him with a foliage crown, and to also praise the secretary, - son of - of - , and the priest of the eponymous, Alexi-, and the secretary of the Council and the People, Theomnestos son of Epameinon (15) of Probalinthos, and the under-secretary, Mnesarchos son of Epameinon of Probalinthos, and the herald of the Council and the People, Philokles of Trinemeia, and the pipe- player, - of - , and the treasurer of the Council, Hermokles son of Hierokleides of Hermos and to crown each of them with a foliage crown; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele (20) and stand it [in the prytanikon]; for the inscribing of the stele and its making the treasurer of the military fund shall allocate the expense accrued.
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. . .
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-medes Polystratos Stratios (25) Theokleides Kleidemos Rhodippos Philoxenides Niketes (30) Eukleides Hermias Charinos
col. 5
Sosos Aristophon (35) Menyllos Asklepiades Xenon Astylochos Dionysios (40) Artemidoros Sotas Astylochos son of Heges-
The Council (crowns) Alexi- (45) . . .
The Council (crowns) Theomnestos of Probalinthos
The Council (crowns) (50) Mnesarchos of Probalinthos
The Council (crowns) Philokles of Trinemeia
(55) The Council (crowns) . . . . . .
The Council (crowns) Hermokles (60) of Hermos.