Honours for Eris of Byzantium and other Byzantines

IG II3 1 1238 Date: Ca. 200 BC or later
. . . . . . the privileges (philanthrōpa) . . . Athenians worth- . . . and . . . . . . advantageously (sumpherontōs) and . . . (5) for good fortune, the People shall decide, to praise Eris son of Kothon of Byzantium[1] and crown him with a gold crown for the good will and love of honour which he has towards the Athenians; and he shall also be proxenos and benefactor of the People, and right of ownership (enktēsin) shall be given (10) to him of land and a house according to the laws; and to praise also those who were trierarchs with him, Menophanes son of Asklepiades, Hekataios son of Kolchos, and the treasurer, Glaukos son of Lysias, Byzantines, and crown each of them with a foliage crown for their good will (15) towards the People; and to invite Eris and Menophanes and Hekataios and the treasurer to dinner[2] in the city hall (prutaneion) to hospitality[2] tomorrow; and on their striving in future in an honour-loving way to display more good will towards the Athenians, it shall be possible for them (20) to obtain greater benefits from the People, whatever they may be deemed worthy of; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis; and the treasurers of the [military fund?] (25) shall take care of the making and setting up of the stele and allocate the expenditure accrued, so that, these things being brought to pass (toutōn sunteloumenōn), there may be an incentive for all to benefit the People . . . . . . [knowing that they will obtain] (30) thanks [worthy] . . . [honour?] appropriate . . .
[The Council] [the People (crown)] [Eris] (35) [son of Kothon] [of Byzantium]
col. 1
[The Council] [the People (crown)] [Menophanes] (40) [son of Asklepiades]
col. 2
The Council the People (crown) Hekataios son of Cholchos
col. 3
(45) [The Council] [the People (crown)] [Glaukos] [son of Lysias].