Citizenship decree

IG II3 1 1219 Date: Ca. 210 BC
. . . to praise . . . for his good will towards the Athenian People, and love of honour; and he shall be granted citizenship, having been scrutinised in the court, and be enrolled in the tribe (5) and deme and phratry that he wishes; and the court presidents (thesmothetas) shall introduce his scrutiny, even if he is not present, as and when they fill the court for the enrolment of citizens (politographias); and the [secretary shall present?] this decree to the jurors; and the (10) prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on [the acropolis]; and the board of administrators (tous epi tēi dioikēsei) shall allocate the expenditure for inscribing and [setting up?] the stele.