IG II3 1 1138 Date: 227/6 BC
In the archonship of Leochares (227/6), in the first prytany, of HippothontisX, for which Theokrisios son of Pasion of OionX was secretary. On the eighteenth (5) of Hekatombaion, the eighteenth of the prytany. [Principal] Assembly [in the theatre]. Of the presiding committee – son of Xenotimos of TeithrasIV was putting to the vote, and his fellow presiding committee members, Menekles of LamptraiI, – of –II, (10) Moschos of PhegousIII, – of –V, Nikokrates of SounionVI, – of –VII, -mokles of AcharnaiVIII, – of –IX or X, Chares of AphidnaXI, – of –XII. The Council and the People decided. (15) – son of Philotheros of - proposed: . . . . . . [1]