Honours for Aischron son of Proxenos and another

IG II3 1 1064 Date: Ca. 235 BC (Decree 1), ca. 233-228 BC (Decree 2)
Decree 1 (ca. 235 BC) . . . . . . eight thousand medimnoi . . . talents following the [preference (proairesei)] of their ancestors [having shown] themselves and their [relatives? (oikeious)] to be [enthusiastic (prothumous)], and (5) [when detailed (tachthentes)] for the handing over of the . . . they [ensured] that they were the first [to take possession of the grain?] and [hand it over first?] to the Athenian ambassadors, and further they behaved with love of honour (ephilotimēthēsan) so that the People might take the best possible advantage [of the delivery]; so, therefore, that the People may be seen to render worthy (10) [gratitude (charin)] to all who wish to be benefactors of the Athenians, for good fortune, the People shall decide: to praise Aischron son of Proxenos[1] and - son of - of [Deiradio?]tai; and to crown them with a foliage crown for their good will and love of honour (philotimias) towards the Athenian (15) People; and when, on the coming of peace,[2] the Athenians deliberate about their citizen benefactors the presiding committee (proedrous) shall bring forward [an opinion of the Council] also about these men to the People so that they may be honoured by the People in a manner worthy of the services they have performed; and the secretary of the People shall inscribe (20) this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis; and the treasurer shall allocate for the stele the expenditure accrued.
Decree 2 (233/2-229/8 BC) In the archonship of -, in the - prytany, of -, for which Thers- son of - of - was secretary . . .