Honours for ephebes and officials

IG II3 1 1016 Date: 245/4 BC
In the archonship of Kydenor (245/4), in the [fourth] prytany, of [[- -]][1], for which Polyktemon son of Euktimenos of EupyridaiVI was secretary. On the [sixteenth of Pyanopsion, the six]teenth of the prytany. Principal Assembly. Of the presiding committee - son of - of - was putting to the vote (5) and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council and People decided. - son of - of - proposed: since the ephebes who served in the archonship of Philoneos (246/5) maintained through the year . . . and to the (10) fragmentary line
uncertain number of lines lost
. . . for good fortune, the Council shall decide: that the presiding committee allotted to preside in the People shall put the matter on the agenda and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good to the Council to praise the (15) ephebes who served in the archonship of Philoneos (246/5) and their superintendent (kosmētēn) - son of Philokles of Euonymon and to crown them with a gold crown according to the law for their [good order (eutaxias)] and the love of honour (philotimias) that they continued to have for the People; and to praise the physical trainer (paidotribēn) Hermodoros son of Heortios of Acharnai (20) and the javelin instructor (akontistēn) Lysikles son of Antipatros of Sypalettos and the weapons trainer (hoplomachēn) Charisandros son of Charisiades of Halimous and the archery instructor (toxotēn) Aristodemos and the secretary Herakleides of Kephisia and to crown each of them with a foliage crown; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree and the names of the ephebes (25) on a stone stele [in the Agora]; the administrator (ton epi tēi dioikēsei) shall allocate the expenditure accrued.
In crown The Council, the People (crown) the ephebes.
In crown (30) The Council, the People (crown) the [superintendent (kosmētēn)] - son of Philokles (35) of Euonymon.
[In crown] citation lost
These served as ephebes in the archonship of Philoneos (246/5)
col. 1
(40) [[Antigonis]]I[1] Chairigenes son of Ktesikl- of - Timokrates son of Timokrates of - Paramythos son of Demochares of -
[[Demetrias]]II[1] (45) Eualkos son of Phokinos of Diomeia - son of -ostratos of -
ErechtheisIII - son of Philon of of Pambotadai - son of -ala- of Agryle
(50) AigeisIV Demainetos son of Phormion from Kolonos Polyeuktos son of Antiphon of Phegaia
PandionisV Drakontides son of Drakon of Paiania
(55) LeontisVI - son of Kratippos of Phrearrhioi
col. 2
Philonides . . .
AkamantisVII Menestheus son of - of Kikynna (60) Euripides son of - of Cholargos Eunikos son of A- of Sphettos Isarchos son of Xenokles from Kerameis
OineisVIII Heortios son of Hermodoros of Acharnai
(65) KekropisIX Philostratos son of Philodemos of Halai Ainesidemos son of Agathokles of Sypalettos Nouphrades son of Kalliades of Athmonon
HippothontisX (70) Teisias son of Phokiades of Eleusis Polydoros son of Rhodon of Thymaitadai
AiantisXI Sokrates son of Themistios of Phaleron
col. 1
The Council, (75) the People (crown) citation lost
col. 2
The Council, (80) the People (crown) the weapons trainer (hoplomachēn) Charisandros of Halimous.
col. 3
The Council, (85) the People (crown) the physical trainer (paidotribēn) Hermodoros of Acharnai.
col. 1
(90) The Council, the People (crown) the javelin instructor (akontistēn) Lysikles of Sypalettos.
col. 2
(95) The Council, the People (crown) the secretary Herakleides of Kephisia.
col. 3
(100) The Council, the People (crown) the archery instructor (toxotēn) Aristodemos.