Honours for the ephebes and officials

IG II3 1 1008 Date: 249/8 BC
. . . fragmentary line . . . they did in the year . . . . . . and for himself and the . . . . . . and guarding the Mouseion . . . (5) . . . demonstration well and . . . . . . for good fortune, the Council shall decide: that the presiding committee (proedrous) allotted to preside in the People for the coming Assembly shall put the matter on the agenda and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good to the Council to praise (10) the ephebes of the archonship of Polyeuktos (250/49) for their good order (eutaxias) and love of honour (philotimias) for the People and to crown each of them with a foliage crown; and to praise their superintendent (kosmētēn) Kleochares son of Kleodorides of Rhamnous because he has continued to be a good man of the People (?) . . . , as the laws (15) prescribe; and to praise their physical trainer (paidotribēn) Hermodoros son of Heortios of Acharnai and the javelin instructor (akontistēn) Lysikles son of Antipatros of Sypalettos and the weapons trainer (hoplomachēn) Nikandros son of Nikandros of Ankyle and the archery instructor (toxotēn) . . . and the . . . shall inscribe . . . their (20) names . . . to . . . . . .
In crown The People (crowns) the ephebes.
In crown (25) The People (crowns) the superintendent (kosmētēn) Kleochares of Rhamnous.
In crown (30) The People (crowns) the physical trainer (paidotribēn) Hermodoros of Acharnai.
(35) Those who served as ephebes in the archonship of Polyeuktos (250/49)
col. 1
[[AntigonisI]][1] - son of Zopyros of Gargettos -andros son of Phalanthos of Gargettos Aristokrates son of Antiphanes of Lamptrai
(40) [[DemetriasII]][1] Polykles son of Lysikles from Koile Euphylides son of Philinos from Koile Mnesimachos son of Aristokles of Kothokidai Androsthenes son of Kallias of Xypete (45) Tharrynon son of Leosthenes of Hippotomadai Promachos son of Leosthenes of Hippotomadai
ErechtheisIII Pythodelos son of Pythodoros from Kedoi Androkles son of Neokles of Lamptrai
(50) AigeisIV Phrasikles son of Menes of Halai Eukles son of Theokles from Kolonos Charisandros son of Phili- of -
PandionisV (55) Theodotos son of Ap- of -
col. 2
LeontisVI Leptines son of Kephis- of - Promachos son of Kephis-of - Etearchos son of Tl- of -
(60) AkamantisVII Philinos son of So- of -
OineisVIII Endios son of Men- of - Menekrates of - (65) Hephaistod- of -
KekropisIX Nausikrates . . .
HippothontisX Sota-s son of Philokedes of -
(70) AiantisXI Kleodorides son of Kleochares of Rhamnous Theotimos son of Theodoros of Rhamnous Theomenes son of Theodoros of Rhamnous Epichares son of Eudemos of Aphidna
(75) AntiochisXII -os son of Hephaistion of -